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Case study

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Putting the right people in the right place at the right time

Our dynamic search algorithm matches qualified candidates to the experience, certifications, and/or attributes your campaign requires.

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We’ve got your COVID needs covered

Keeping staff safe is our first priority. Our platform allows you to communicate with your staff  to keep them up to date on changing protocols.  Use our platform tags feature to denote which staff have completed covid trainings. Use our tasks feature to have staff complete covid questionnaires prior to the event.

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Reduce your operational expenses
by 20-30% by using BookedOut

Video training in platform has saved a national brand $500K in the first year of use.

Automating the manual steps required to staff events allowed regional staff to be allocated to consumer facing roles versus administrative roles saving the client significant operational costs.

Background checks tracked in the platform eliminated the time and costs of redundant staff testing.


We developed BookedOut’s core functionally and dashboard around three key sections in event and staff management to help you build, organize and manage across a diverse set of clients, projects and regions.

Enter key information once on the campaign level and propagate it down across programs and events or make specialized adjustments where necessary.

Game Day Logistics

Set yourself and your staff up for success by adding tasks to your campaigns to confirm attendance, review uniform submissions, or gather proof your staff are onsite. Provide the most up to date information via the mobile app using push notifications and messaging to alert your staff of important events or changes.


Allow our proprietary matching algorithm to find and auto-invite staff that best match your projects. Events can be configured to allow staff to be scheduled based on the choice of the event producer, the staff’s specific availability, or our autobooking feature


Put your customer success team in control of all scheduled activity. Easily search and view the status of events across your system by campaign, program, date range, region, producer.  View and prioritize where corrective action is needed.


Our platform has several user-friendly reporting features that allow you to explore confidential & comprehensive campaign data around:
i.    Productivity
ii.   Logistics
iii.  Experience
iv.  Performance
v.   Ratings
vi.  Event Recaps
vii. Forecasting


Upload brand documentation, talking points, or training videos onto our secure mobile application to train staff. The best part? They can reference this information at anywhere at anytime.