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Keeping you booked & busy

Curate your profile on our mobile app to find new  activation or tour opportunities, manage your bookings and payments, access game-day logistic information, and even submit recap reports or photos.

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Create your profile

Once you’ve been registered with one of our approved partners, download the BookedOut app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app and click “sign up”. Fill in your personal details and profile information and submit your selfie.

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Get invited and apply to opportunities

You will receive a campaign invitation when you are matched to opportunities with your approved partner(s). If you are interested in that opportunity, apply using any photos or videos

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View and control your scheduled events

When shifts within your campaigns  become available, you will be able to mark yourself available for specific dates and times and/or be booked directly for the shifts. You can also mark yourself not available for shifts that don’t fit your schedule, or call off of shifts youre booked on, should something change.

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Get up to date event info

View outfit requirements and training materials prior to your shift. Preview questions and tasks you will be asked to complete during your shift. Complete pre-event milestones to confirm your attendance. Our push notifications and event update banners will keep you in the loop should any shift details can change prior to an event.

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Manage your completed events and expenses

When a shift is complete, check out of your event, upload and submit expenses for reimbursement, add event photos and complete event reporting. Submit ratings and feedback for your shift. Review all your completed shifts with any approved partners in the completed tab.

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Got questions? We have answers!


What should I include on my profile?

Think of your profile as a dynamic version of your resume. You’ll want to highlight your work experience, skills, professionalism, and personality. The BookedOut app allows you to upload things like photos or videos, certifications or licenses, travel preferences, and more. Lastly, every event you work through BookedOut gets logged on your profile, so the more you work, so your profile starts to maintain itself!


How do I get paid?

You will receive payment directly from the approved partner that you complete each event with. You can view your past events along with the estimated hours and pay rate in the completed events tab in the app. The actual payment will be processed and distributed by the approved partner.


How do I know if I’m booked for a shift?

If you are officially booked for a shift, that shift will appear GREEN in the app and display “Booked” as the status. If an event is BLUE, this denotes a Booking Request and requires you to accept the request before you are officially booked. If you do not want to accept a booking or can no longer attend an shiftt, use the “call off” button to remove yourself from the shift.


I’m having trouble with my app. What should I do?

Review the knowledge base here for how-to’s and answers to common questions. If you need further assistance, open the app, select the question mark icon and submit a support ticket to our team.

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