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Built by event pros for event pros

The BookedOut platform is your single-source of  truth throughout the entire campaign process.

Plan, organize, source, schedule, train, manage, and report on it all with BookedOut.

BookedOut centralizes campaign insights across the entire event ecosystem – workers, agencies, and brands. For agencies and brands, our client tools software empowers users to manage every aspect of campaigns at scale. For workers, our mobile app consolidates information and becomes a swiss army knife in the field. Schedule a demo to see BookedOut in action today!

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Schedule out weeks in a matter of seconds

Set your campaign requirements for workers and let BookedOut’s algorithm recruit the perfect talent pool or easily upload and onboard your own rosters of people! Regardless, once workers have been qualified and approved to work a campaign, book them with a few clicks to send all the important program details straight to their phone. Or better yet, put your scheduling on cruise control and let BookedOut automate the entire scheduling and ongoing roster management process.

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Respond in real time

Our Activation Dashboard acts as your mission control leading up to and throughout your campaign. During live events, monitor activation metrics to adjust accordingly. Whether you need to add or cut field staff, share new parking info, or even update activation messaging or goals in real time, do it all with ease with BookedOut.

Analyze with efficiency &
prove ROI

BookedOut’s reporting functionalities track a number of metrics across your campaigns. Customize, track, and share success metrics, timesheets, expenses, or event media on
a micro- or macro- level from your Activation Dashboard.

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Integrate it all

Streamline your business processes through integrations.

Our APIs enable you to import worker data from your HR systems or import project and event data from your project management software or VMS.

Export event data and staff lists to your project management software or data visualization tools. 

Sync approved hours and expense details for completed events directly to your time keeping or payroll management software.

Other features you’ll love

Program Management

We developed BookedOut’s core functionally and dashboard around three key sections in event and staff management to help you build, organize and manage a diverse set of clients, projects and regions. Enter key information once on the campaign level and propagate it down across programs and events or make specialized adjustments where necessary.

Automated Scheduling

Allow our proprietary matching algorithm to find and auto-invite staff that best match your projects. Events can be configured to allow staff to be scheduled based on the choice of the event producer, the staff’s specific availability, or our autobooking feature.

Gameday Logistics

Get yourself and your staff up for success by adding tasks to your campaigns to confirm attendance, review uniform submissions, or gather proof your staff are onsite. Provide the most up to date information via the mobile app using push notifications and messaging to alert your staff of important events or changes.

Activation Dashboard

Put your customer success team in control of all scheduled activity. Easily search and view the status of events across your system by campaign, program, date range, region, producer. View and prioritize where your teams action is needed.

Photo Portal

Have workers upload photos throughout activations into a centralized portal for you and permissioned clients to view. In addition to brand photos, you can also use this feature to verify the footprint setup and equipment, confirm uniforms or staff counts, and more!

Certifications and On-Demand Training

The BookedOut mobile app allows workers to upload copies of required certifications, such as CDL licenses or BASSET certifications, to their booking for your review. Our app also allows you to upload multi-media training videos and documents for workers to learn more about certain brands or activation setups.