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BookedOut Services Support Policy

BookedOut will provide support services to Support Users as set forth below.

E-Mail, and Online Support. BookedOut will provide support via telephone, e-mail, or other service tools used by BookedOut to Support Users in order to address inquiries regarding the functionality or use of the Services or whether a feature of the Service is functioning according to its specifications. 

Online support: support@BookedOut.com

Standard business hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, except holidays (currently New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day & Christmas Day)

Updates.  BookedOut will provide Client, at no additional charge, all updates, corrections, fixes, or modifications to the Services that BookedOut typically provides its other customers free of charge.  Such updates, corrections, fixes, or modifications do not include (a) significant improvements and enhancements, such as new features and functionality to the Services, (b) new versions of the Services, or (c) any new releases of BookedOut products or services.

Maintenance Windows.  BookedOut may take down or limit access to the Services to conduct routine maintenance during its scheduled maintenance window, which is currently 9 p.m. Central Time on Tuesday through 6 a.m. Central Time on Wednesday. If BookedOut schedules maintenance at any other time and anticipates the Services will be down for more than one hour at such time, BookedOut will advise Client prior to such maintenance. BookedOut may change its maintenance window at any time upon prior written notice to Client. Such advice and notices may be posted on BookedOut’s website. 

Availability. BookedOut’s Service is designed to be highly available by hosting the Service in multiple Microsoft Azure availability zones. BookedOut has a monthly service availability objective for the Service of 99.8%, excluding scheduled maintenance.

Incident Management. BookedOut reports the status of P1 incidents on our status page. When BookedOut’s automated monitoring detects an incident, or if it is reported via a Client to our support team, we use the following categorization techniques to prioritize and remediate system issues.

  • Blocker [P1]
    • An error that affects operations with significant monetary impact, for which there is no workaround
    • Initial Response Goal: 2hrs
    • Remediation Goal: 24hrs
  • Critical [P2]
    • An error that affects operations, with no or minimal business operations impact, for which there is no workaround.
    • Initial Response Goal: 4 business hours
    • Remediation Goal: 3 business days
  • Major [P3]
    • An error that has a substantial effect on operations, for which there is a workaround.
    • Initial Response Goal: 1 business day 
    • Remediation Goal: Prioritized on product roadmap
  • Minor [P4]
    • An error that has a limited effect on operations, for which there is a workaround, or a product improvement request.
    • Initial Response Goal: 5 business day  
    • Remediation Goal: Prioritized on product roadmap


Incident Escalation and Reporting. Incidents of all levels should be reported through the standard support mechanisms above. If the Initial Response Goal for the incident is not met, the Client may escalate the incident by contacting their Customer Success Manager. In the case of a P1 incident, the Client may escalate to the CTO, and CEO as needed (contact information provided after service activation).

Data Breach Communication. In the event that BookedOut detects that it has experienced a security incident that has caused a data breach of Client data, BookedOut will communicate with the Client-provided Security Contact within 24hrs for potentially affected Client