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How It Works

The simple steps to success.

step one

Create a profile and review available events

  • Complete an accurate profile highlighting your education, experience, skillset, and interests. Keep it real with images and short videos to show off your presentation skills.
  • Our software matches your profile and availability with brands. As prerequisites match up, event invitations are delivered.

step two

Submit info, images, and short videos to apply

  • Automatically submit your profile information with your application.
  • Customize your application using your own personal media library via Facebook & Instagram integration.
  • Upload personalized short video responses all from your mobile phone, in seconds.

step three

Book an event

After a brand accepts your application, book it with the push of a button.

step four

Manage your event day with ease

  • Prep for the event with access to outfit requirements, brand talking points and training materials.
  • Know where you’re going with turn-to-turn navigation and recommended parking locations.
  • Real-time notifications with key event updates and reminders to keep you focused on what is important.

step five

Game time

  • Integrated SMS, push notifications, and key contact shortcuts streamline your busy schedule.
  • Automatic geo-located check-in auto informs you when you have reached your event destination.

step six

Check in, check out, and get paid!

  • A detailed event check-out wizard initiates that you wrap up an event before you leave. No more faxing timesheets. Fax machine, seriously?
  • Our trusted timesheet and payout processes guarantee accurate hour reporting and industry-leading payment turnaround times through direct deposit.